In 3 years time Sambaca has become one of the baterias in the Netherlands that make a difference. The group lead by Mestre FadB (Franc auf dem Brinke) concentrates mainly on ´Batucada de Rio´, ´Reggae de Salvador´ and bears an impressive tour list linked to such names as NIKE and DJ Laidback Luke. Inspired by the leading samba schools of Brazil, the ensemble has created its very own sound, original compositions and virtuoso arrangements. Samba is oxygen for Sambaca. 30 convinced sambistas spread over 6 sections guarantee a tropical, intense experience that you won’t easily forget !

The Sambistas

Over the years the sambistas of Sambaca have put much of their time and energy into practice and the results are audible and visible. With pride and joy they have accepted their places in the band with respect for their Brazilian counterparts and the divine music that is performed. It is part of the great magic of Sambacá and the teamspirit is already legendary.

All members of Sambaca (short for Sambacademia) at some point attended the Samba courses organized by Drummers Initiative, the nr.1 school for drums & percussion in the Amsterdam area, and Crea, the cultural organisation of the University of Amsterdam. For info surf to www.talkdrums.nl or www.crea.uva.nl

Mestre FadB
Musical leader and initiator of the group is percussionist, drummer, teacher and trainer Mestre FadB, alias Franc auf dem Brinke.

"I am crazy about Brazil and its music! My musical experience includes performances and recordings with Dutch/Brazilian/Uruguayan/ Argentinian greats like Lilian Vieira, Viviane Godoy, Anna Beck, Alaor Soares, Edson Gomes, Paulo Prata, Leonardo Amuedo, Jose Lopretti and Juan Pablo Dobal.

Grateful I remember our late night sessions in Jacob’s Canecao Rio Amsterdam and other joints in the early nineties. My first visit to Rio early 2005 brought enlightenment! Meetings in Rio de Janeiro with the great Odilon Costa, mestre of the Escola de Grande Rio, chosen best bateria of 2005, were incredible!

I feel privileged to have met this outstanding musician and inspiring bandleader. Over the years my friend and respected colleague repinique-player Macapá has been a invaluable source of inspiration. He continues to help me to understand the life of a real sambista and the world of Samba de Rio when I am there and when I am not.

Mestre FadB combines leading the bateria with playing extensively with his Hammond Organ Trio The Extensionicers.